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Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation (YES-DC) is an association of students and young professionals interested and/or working in the field of energy and international co-operation. YES-DC started informally, in October 1994, as a means to create a network and to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences. Since March 1996, YES-DC has officially been established as an association. YES-DC distinguishes itself by the diversity of its Members; amongst us we have entrepreneurs, academic researchers and students, employees of energy and network companies, consultants and policy makers. Several of them are working outside the Netherlands.


YES-DC’s mission is to bring together young people that share an interest in matters of energy and international cooperation. YES-DC aims to develop the energy network of its Members by organizing events, such as lectures and excursions, and by encouraging discussion and the exchange of information.


The members of YES-DC are young professionals and students in the field of energy and/or development. They work with universities, government, research institutions, NGOs and in the private sector. Several are working outside the Netherlands. The board of YES-DC consists of several members and has a facilitating and stimulating role: taking care of a financial and organisational framework. Within this framework, members organise activities, choosing their own subjects and approaches. In a yearly assembly, members decide on the goals, framework and activities of YES-DC, and a new board is elected.

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YES-DC organizes activities, such as excursions, lectures and debating sessions on the topic of energy and/or sustainable development. A special event is the bi-annual Congress (formerly DEO Day (Debate On Energy)). Various junior and senior experts are invited to participate in energy and development cooperation related discussions. Every two weeks YES-DC sends out a Newsletter to its Members, containing updates on activities, announcements, external events and job opportunities. An exclusive LinkedIn group functions as a platform for the latest news and announcements, as well as a place for discussion between Members. For its Members only, YES-DC publishes an annual Member booklet, including relevant personal and professional data on its Members.


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