Unfccc Affiliation

Since 2000 YES-DC has been an official member of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change); representing in themes such as energy, sustainable development and networking. As an official observer organisation, Yes-DC is able to grant a number of members access to the COP negotiations in Paris in december 2015. The details of this procedure will be shared in the near future.

By Edgar Cruz

Report on Qatar Climate Summit Doha

The UNFCCC Climate summit showed that despite the efforts of countries to keep the negotiation process alive, the gap in the level of ambition and commitment needed to address the consequences of Climate Change is increasing every year, making it more challenging to address it in the future. On the outcomes of the negotiation it can be highlighted the following elements:

  • A weak agreement to amend and keep alive the Kyoto Protocol until 2020 was a symbolic triumph for developing countries, however no clarity on the New Market Mechanism was achieved.
  • The developments on the post 2020 regime will continue in the next years under the negotiation of track of the Durban Platform. Final agreement is expected on 2015.
  • The Green Climate Fund continues to be an empty shell and there is no clarity on how the US$ 100bn will be mobilized.

While in the Warming up event in Utrecht the discussion was clear in presenting the science and alternatives to solve the negotiations deadlocks and the level of ambition, the disappointing outcome of the Conference in Qatar reinforce the idea that action outside the Convention needs to be boosted in order to generate the momentum towards the implementation of viable solutions to the Climate crisis.


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