The YES-DC board of 2017


Angelita Kappers

Angelita Ariens Kappers, is the President and spokesperson of the YES-DC board 2017. With a high level of energy and ambition she directs the board to organize good quality seminars for its members. She has several years of experience as an advisor at the ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands on International Water and Energy programs. And she build up a network in the international startup hubs whilst working for special Envoy ms. Kroes at StartupDelta. Currently she is specializing in the renewable energy transition in the Netherlands. And gets a lot of energy from being an active political member of the Social Liberals for Amsterdam, as taking the train back home to Amsterdam.


Martijn Ahrens

Martijn Ahrens is the Secretary of YES-DC for the year 2017. As secretary, he will be responsible the internal affairs and day to day business of the assocition. He has a background in innovation sciences and currently works for Pacer, a consultancy in infrastructure. His main interest are renewable energy and sustainable solutions in infrastructural projects. His interested in sustainability is also shown in his activities for Climate-KIC. In his spare time he likes to play hockey, hike, watch sports and play boardgames.


Jan Cihlar

Jan Cihlar is the treasurer of YES-DC for the year 2017. During this year, he will be responsible for the budget of YES-DC. He works as an as analyst at the Sustainable Industries and Services team, focusing on assisting companies in the cement, chemical and iron and steel sectors on topics regarding energy efficiency, energetic waste utilization and emissions trading systems. Aside form that, he is enthusiastic about the role of finance in sustainable development.

Communication and Network

Viktorija Stojcheva

Viktorija Stojcheva is the responsible for external communications and network development for YES-DC for the year 2016. Focussing on reaching out to new partners and broaden our network. She works for Ecofys as a consultant where she focusses on sustainable industries and services. In her spare time she likes to perform as a singer.

Development & Growth

Charlie Spork

Charlie Spork is responsible for Growth and Development within YES-DC during 2017. In this role, he will develop a (growth) strategy, think of new types of events and roles for YES-DC and monitor YES-DC ‘s activities and members. Charlie has a broad experience in consultancy and strategic interventions through his work as a researcher/advisor at DRIFT. His current research interests focus on the energy transition and the transition towards a circular economy.


Kevin Oosterloo

Kevin Oosterloo is responsible for the activities of YES-DC. His duties mainly consist of co-organising events for YES-DC. He’s an environmental data analyst at Shell. Before that, he had been working on water management for the Dutch Water Authorities in Ethiopia and the Hague.


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