About Us


Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation (YES-DC) is an association of students and young professionals interested and/or working in the field of energy and development co-operation. YES-DC was found in October 1994, as a means to create a network and to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences. Since March 1996, YES-DC has officially been established as an association.


On 15th October 1994, over twenty-five enthusiastic young professionals came together to discuss the future of energy. In the 1990’s, before the internet and social media, the need arose for a discussion platform to share knowledge and ideas. On 28th January 28 1995, a second meeting was organised, and Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation (YES-DC) was officially founded.

Since the beginning, the focus has been on both the Dutch energy system, and energy systems in developing countries. In the mid 2000’s, as the general thought was that the Dutch energy system was ‘finished’, the focus was increasingly laid on how we could help developing countries in their future energy needs.

However, as the impact of climate change was becoming more visible, the focus shifted back towards the Dutch energy system. How can we work towards a sustainable energy system, running on renewable energy sources? Many, many aspects of this complex issue have been discussed over the last years.

Throughout its history, YES-DC has been organising sessions to deepen our understanding of the challenges we face, and the solutions that are out there. The focus has mostly been a technical one, although also more ‘soft aspects’ around implementation have been discussed over the last years. YES-DC still organises several sessions every year.


ENgaging young professionals in the field of sustainable energy through knowledge sharing, networking and community building.


The members of YES-DC are young professionals and students in the field of energy and/or development. They work with universities, government, research institutions, NGOs and in the private sector. The board of YES-DC takes care of a financial and organisational framework, and organises knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities with input from its members.


Juan Sebastián Álvarez


I decided to be part of the YES-DC  board since I realized that we, young professionals, are the key players to catalyze the energy transition, circular economy, and sustainability to reach the next level. On the other hand, interdisciplinary cooperation, diversity of perspectives with inter/national backgrounds are the key elements that YES-DC offered and cached my interest and triggered my passion to step in. Working as a scientific researcher and project manager in the sustainable novel energy storage allowed me to work within  European and local projects were youth is the common denominator, therefore, I am delighted to facilitate, share, and organize events that have added value to our unique society.

Carlotta Ferri


We should never stop being eager to learn more, meet new people, and to ask ourselves further questions. This is why I joined the board of YES-DC. I believe that with our work we can spark in young professionals and students the enthusiasm about learning more about the challenges and solutions of the energy transition. In this extraordinary time of social distancing, our board will have to modernize the concept of YES-DC membership.

Maarten Tromp


Maarten is an Accountmanager and advisor for Renewable energy distribution solutions in the North of the Netherlands for the company AP (Achieving perfection). He designs and advises energy distribution solutions for different companies such as Industry, utility, OEM, datacenters, and solar fields. During this period he taught different subjects at the Hanze hogeschool as a teacher. Within the board of Yes-DC, his goal is to expand to the north and introduce the organization into Groningen. In the North are some remarkable topics to be discovered such as hydrogen, algeas, building earthquake-resistant, and a lot of different start-ups in renewable energy.

Francesca Cori

Content Manager

I’ve always had a passion for renewable energy, in particular when it comes to solar. In fact, I work in the solar storage sector. But there are so many ways that we can fix our energy problems, and YES-DC is the perfect platform to share knowledge from different people on new and exciting topics! I joined YES-DC because I want to play my part in spreading the message, but also for myself, to meet amazing people with amazing ideas

Els van der Roest

Internal Affairs

Joining the YES-DC board is something I’ve been looking forward to as an active member. In my job as a researcher on energy & water and part-time PhD student, I mostly meet academic people. I see YES-DC as a platform to broaden your knowledge and meet new and interesting people from different backgrounds but with largely the same motivation; to make the energy transition a success. I hope to provide you with new insights and perspectives on the energy transition, climate policy and everything related to it.

Yanniek Huisman

External Affairs

After joining many events last year, I was excited to join the board this year to help organize them. The happenings give young professionals the opportunity to learn new insights and network with people with similar interests, which is valuable for many of us. I hope we can organize this year some new, entertaining, and thoughtful experiences to collectively expand our knowledge. For me personally, I have a background in climate policy and I am currently working on aviation innovations.

Tim Speelman

Lectures & Events

By joining the YES-DC board I want to contribute to a platform that I value for bringing like-minded young professionals together. Especially now, when the energy transition is in constant flux it is vital to connect people, share knowledge and spark new ideas. As an energy consultant for the heavy industry, I am well aware of the need for new ideas to not only decarbonise but to move towards a circular and sustainable society. Through organising activities I aim to continue to inspire, challenge and develop this community.