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The Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation

Event | 12 April | After the elections: What’s in it for energy?

The elections have given us a house of representatives with a wide range of different political views on the energy sector. As the formation of the government is already underway we would like to discuss with you what the outcome of the elections can mean for our energy policy in the next 4 years. Our experts of the evening will be Pier Vellinga  and Klara Schure. Both will provide us with insights of how the current political landscape can influence the energy sector for the following years. Sp
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YES-DC at COP 22: experiences from our delegates

YES-DC is one of the associations that is entitled to send a delegation to the conference of parties (COP), the international climate conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Click here to read the experiences of the YES-DC delegation that went to COP22 last November in Marrakech. Note that there is another opportunity for YES-DC members to attend the Bonn Climate Change Conference (8-18 May 2017). This bi-annual meeting of supportive bodies for the COPs
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Event | 16 Feb | Offshore Wind Developments

A quote from the news in 2016: This sets a new record for cheapest offshore wind farm. It makes you wonder: “How low can the costs for offshore wind go?” Naturally, an answer to this question depends on: “How is offshore wind stimulated in different countries? And: “What are the effects of the rapid developments in offshore wind on the rest of the energy system and the energy market?” These questions, among others, will be topic for next YES-DC event. At the end, th
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YES-DC is looking for a new board for 2017, expand your energy network! Apply before 09/01/2017

Dear Yes-DC member, YES-DC is looking for a fresh board, and you could be in it! As you know YES-DC is a 300 member association run by a dozen volunteers, we organize 10 events per year and have a budget ~10K/yr. Getting involved in YES-DC is not just great for you organizational skills, and network you also get to work with a great team. There’s plenty of room for your own creativity, to hone your skills and there is >20 years of history to build on. In February 2017 the current board
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