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The Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation

Recruitment | September 15 | Board Support Role

The YES-DC board is looking for a candidate to support the board (student) and help YES-DC realize it’s ambitious goals for this year on promotion, growth and enhancing it’s network! The Board consists of 6 young ambitious professionals, working in the energy field. Working as a close international team on a voluntary- with an average of 4 hours a week – on knowledge sharing by organizing interesting seminars or energy related topics for the YES-DC members. YES-DC follows the c
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Event | 15 June | Energy, Architecture & Energy landscapes : Energy integrated in the design of our homes and urban areas.

In our search for alternatives to the old way of generating and supplying energy, new solutions emerge where energy-generation is much more integrated with our everyday life. The building sector – including architects and urban planners – are crucial to address the current energy transition.  Therefore  architects look beyond the size of the fuel tank or where to place the sockets when they design cars, buildings or other things. They are integrating the question of energy into their
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News | 8-10 May | YES-DC at UNFCCC’s Climate Conference in Bonn!

Although it was difficult to imagine what we could expect, we arrived in Bonn with some excitement. Delegates from all over the world gathered in the World Conference Center to lay the foundations for (the negotiation text of) COP 23later this year. We had some  small talks with delegates of South Sudan, the head of delegation from Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. Worrying developments The Bonn climate talks started amidst several worrying developments and uncertainties. A new study released earlier th
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Event | 12 April | After the elections: What’s in it for energy?

The elections have given us a house of representatives with a wide range of different political views on the energy sector. As the formation of the government is already underway we would like to discuss with you what the outcome of the elections can mean for our energy policy in the next 4 years. Our experts of the evening will be Pier Vellinga  and Klara Schure. Both will provide us with insights of how the current political landscape can influence the energy sector for the following years. Sp
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