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The Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation

Conference 5 Nov | Stranded Assets

Update 29 November: Please find the slides of the conference here.   Climate change has enormous economic, social and financial implications for economies around the world. The famous 2006 Stern Report urges us to take action, and claims that postponing action will only cost us more in the end. However, one of the risks that results from the energy transition is the unanticipated and accelerated devaluation of existing assets, also known as ‘Stranded Assets’. Our economy is very dependent o
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Event | Big data in the energy sector: what are the opportunities?

We live in a world where collecting, using and managing data has become part of our daily life – consciously or unconsciously. In the light of the energy transition, there are many possibilities to leverage data on e.g. solar power production or electricity consumption patterns in households to achieve improved efficiency. The major question that arises is: how can we use big data to accelerate the energy transition? Our two excellent speakers will shed light on the opportunities big data bring
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Event | Energy Access

Although for many of us energy is considered a basic need and we do not even think about it, still 1.2 billion people in the world do not have access to energy. With cheaper and more efficient sustainable energy technologies which are a good fit for many developing regions, several organizations are developing energy access for households in rural areas. For the first event after the summer we have two great speakers with hands-on experience in setting up projects like this. They will share thei
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Event | Networking Workshop

Networking is of vital importance for any young professional but many feel uncomfortable doing it or do not get the most out of networking events. Therefore YES-DC organises a networking workshop for you this month with an external expert on communication and networking. We are very excited we could invite such a great expert and we think this will be a great opportunity for both experienced and less experienced networkers.   Trainer   Register now
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