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The Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation

Energy Scenarios

  Speakers: Ferd Crone (PvdA) & Tom Kram (RIVM) Energy scenarios: what can you do with them? Imagine. You are living in 1900, the industrial revolution has already begun. Steam engines do what slow wind mills used to do and you can drive your car at 40 km/h from A to B, whereas you used to use a smelling horse for this. You think: ‘We have managed it all quite well.’   IPCC scenarios First Tom Kram shows the four main energy future possibilities according to IPPC. The s
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NL armoede & energiebeleid na Johannesburg

Speakers: Jo-Ella van Rijn (DGIS), Nico van der Linden (ECN) Location: De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht Time: 19.00 – 22.00 Tijdens de World Summit on Sustainable Development zijn vage afspraken gemaakt over het leveren van toegang tot energie in ontwikkelingslanden. Het Nederlandse Directoraat-Generaal voor Internationale Samenwerking heeft deze afspraken geconcretiseerd en verklaard in 2015 10 miljoen arme mensen toegang tot een moderne energievoorziening geleverd te hebben. Er is ec
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Development Work

Speakers: Indira Romley & Véronique Bovée How do you get a job in development work? What will you do there? What can you do without experience? In the meeting centre Vredenburg there were 17 YES member present, curious to get answers to these questions. A summary of this meeting in English can be found here.
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DEO-Day 2002: “Liberalising the Energy Sector in Developing Countries: Solving Problems for the Poor?”

In a morning session, Ian Tellam of ‘not for profit’ consultancy ETC Energy gave an update of the background of this issue. He concentrated on the two dominant organizations in this debate: the Worlbank and IMF. Especially the insights in internal aspects of the Worldbank were clarifying. For the afternoon, an expert debate, chaired by Jos Bruggink (ECN), was planned. Joyeeta Gupta (IVM VU) was a guarantee for a infinite waterfall of words to extinguish the fire of world poverty. Wil
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