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The Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation

Offshore wind energy

Speakers: Manuel de Noord (ECN), Michel Verhagen (EZ) & Jaap Olthoff (Nuon) Why do over 30 people – on a Wednesday evening – throng into a room that is meant for 20 people, at most? Not for the coffee or the cookies, but for listening to experts and especially for asking questions about one of the most promising renewable energy sources for the Netherlands: offshore wind energy. In contrast to an evening organised by YES-DC earlier, which was mainly about the technological develo
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Adaptation and Climate Change

Speakers: Madeleen Helmer (Red Cross Climate Center) & Jan Verhagen (Plant Research International) Red Cross Madeleen Helmer works for Red Cross, Climate Center. She mentions that the amount of earthquakes and volcano eruptions has been constant over the last years, while disasters caused by extreme weather have increased significantly. Due to its experience, the Red Cross is good at helping victims of disasters, but not in preventing the consequences of disasters for people. People lose the
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Excursion: To the Lignite Mine, Germany

  Excursion to a lignite mine in Germany September 21st, 2003 Elke van Thuijl It was 9:00 hours on a Sunday Morning when a group of nine YES-DC members gathered at the parking lot at the Jaarbeurs Square in Utrecht for an excursion to a lignite mine in Germany. After a drive of about three hours, we arrived at a parking lot in Bedburg-Kaster, where we could take a guided tour by coach to see the Garzweiler mines (or in German: "Tagebau Garzweiler"). The Garzweiler mines, located b
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Transition Management

Speakers: Jaap Jelsma (ECN Policy Studies and University Twente), Henk Diepenmaat (Actors procesmanagement and entrepreneur slimlight), and Jörg Gigler (Novem) Transitions, transition management: buzz words en only a whim of policy makers? Or is there more going on and is this a development of a valuable promise to finally make a long-term guideline for policy? And to let policy develop in a more bottom-up way? And what is it about a sustainable transition? A report on a transition buzz in
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