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We are YES-DC.

The Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation

Event | Storage: the missing piece in the energy puzzle

2016 is proving to be an exciting year for storage. Developments such as the Tesla powerwall, secondary control using car batteries, and artificial lake storage claim to stabilize the energy supply and enable decarbonisation. Where will the future take us? This first event organized by the new Board and Event Committee will focus on a promising part of the sustainable energy system of the future: Storage. The matching of electricity supply and demand is increasingly difficult as the share of ren
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Next event: The future of the Dutch energy system

The next YES-DC event will expand upon the future trends of the Dutch energy sector. The event will focus on the future energy scene from different perspectives. The influence of local energy initiatives and cooperatives on the energy future will be explained, as well as the influence of energy scenarios. Furthermore, the role of governments and major energy multinationals will be discussed. Speakers register now
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Next event: Oil and the Syrian conflict

Join us for the next YES-DC event on the ongoing conflict in Syria, and find out more about the role of energy in Middle Eastern tensions. When the Arab Spring started in 2011, it soon spread to Syria. Unlike in other countries, the Syrian army did not massively desert to the rebel cause, giving long-time – dictatorial – president Bashar al-Assad the possibilty of staying in office. The chaos that came to be in large parts of Syria that were no longer controlled by the government, sh
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YES-DC is looking for board members

YES-DC seeks new energetic board for 2016! As this year’s last events is coming closer, it is time for us to start looking for a new board for YES-DC for 2016. We are looking for enthusiastic and ambitious people to organize next year’s YES-DC events. Our distinctive group of members, to start with, provides you with plenty of opportunities for interesting lectures and exciting excursions! A board position in YES-DC offers you the following opportunities: You get to shape the development strateg
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