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We are YES-DC.

The Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation

COP in Paris

As an association affliated with the UNFCC, YES-DC has had the privilege to send a delegation of its members to Paris. On this page, an impression of their experience will be shared, as well as interesting articles relating to the COP. Read more about their experiences in their own reports, which are available for download below: Report by Lynn Report by Klara Report by Emmet Meet the delegation Links Some interesting blogs shared by Edwin Dalenoord, focusing on the impact of the COP on business
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Masterclass energy finance

Masterclass energy finance From financing the exploration and exploitation of offshore oil fields to financing large solar farms; project finance is a driving factor in the development of the energy industry. Gaining an understanding of the key principles behind project finance can mean the difference between success and failure in project development. To help you understand these principles, Yes-DC has invited ABN Amro and Royal HaskoningDHV to give a masterclass on financing renewable energy p
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Next YES-DC event: LNG

LNG: What are the prospects? October 28th at the Academiegebouw in Utrecht. The role of natural gas in the world’s energy mix is steadily increasing (see the graph below), in part because of the relatively low CO2 emissions released while burning gas, and the high conversion efficiency in gas-fired power generation. This has been facilitated by the rise of the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) industry, which has made it possible to transport and monetize remote gas reserves. The practice of liquefact
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YES-DC excursion 2015

MPP3 POWER PLANT AND BOAT RIDE, 30SEPT 2015 Excursion to the high efficiency 1.1 GW E.ON coal fired power plant on the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam, followed by a boat ride through the Europort. A full day of activities and interesting information gained by first hand! E.ON’s MPP3 is a 1100 MW ultracritical coal fired power plant with an efficiency of 47% and the ability to ramp production up and down by 50 MW/min, making it one of the world’s most sophisticated power plants! The site a
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