Crowd funding for Energy and Development

Let friends, family and fools pay for your great ideas
The recent economic crises have shown us what enormous problems our generation is facing. Wealth can no longer be taken for granted, and financial institutes are just as vulnerable as everyone else. At the same time, social media has shown us how we are able to come up with creative new ways to solve our problems. Power truly is to the people, and the people is us.
These two developments fit perfectly into a concept called crowd funding, using modern social structures to create a new financial model. Where microfinance allowed big institutions to finance the masses, crowd funding allows masses to finance the masses. Investments in sustainable energy projects are a prerequisite for sustainable development. Want to find out how crowd funding can help the liftoff of energy projects in a global financial crisis, both here as in developing countries?
On Wednesday the 18th of April, speakers of both crowd funding platforms as crowd funded projects will challenge us to think about how we can contribute, or benefit, from crowd funding.

Confirmed speakers so far:

– Bart Hartman, NOTS Foundation,

– Sjoerd van de Meerendonk, Share2Start,

– Sameer Safaya, Sustaintables,

– Robin Slakhorst, Symbid,

More information about the speakers is coming up soon!