DEO-Day 2000: “Is Sustainability a Necessary Criterion for Climate Policy?”

The subject was whether it would be wishful and practical to attach sustainability criteria to our Climate Policy, with special emphasis on CDM. DEO2000 started with a morning program for YES-DC members, where two role playing games were held. The Debate itself kicked-off in the afternoon, guided by the chairman Prof. E. Boeker, previously attached as Rector to the Vrij Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. The three invited speakers representing different regions. For Developing Countries, this was Prof. dr.K.K. Prasad, editor of Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD). For Climate, Drs. S.P.C. Schöne, manager Climate of World Wide Fund (WWF) was the spokesperson. Industrialised Countries were represented by Drs. W. Keurentjes, general director of Lagerwey the Windmaster. After a short introduction by Prof. Boeker, the speakers presented their views on the topic. Prasad elaborated on poverty alleviation, the need for equity, the validation of climate models and developing countries not being concerned about long-term strategies. Schöne discussed already measurable effects of climate change and using forests as sinks. Keurentjes, through discussing several priorities and assets in historical perspective, came to the conclusion that the time is right to focus on innovative ideas. The discussion following the speeches focused on the practical implications of theoretically desired aims and effects of CDM. It made clear that in practical terms, there is still doubt on CDM’s workability: a lot of conditions still have to be worked out! Definitely there seems to be a need for government control an guidance, as well as a watertight control system.

For a more detailed report on DEO2000, see Newsletter May 2000.