Designing the SDE Support Scheme for Renewable Energy

Speakers: Ron van Erck and Xander van Tilburg

Designing the SDE Support Scheme for Renewable Energy

SDE (Dutch: ‘stimulering duurzame energie’) is the Dutch support scheme that aims at accelerating the production of renewable energy and combined heat and power (CHP). In February 2007, the Dutch Government decided on new and ambitious targets for renewable energy, energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions. One of the main instruments to reach these targets, alongside ETS, is a modified version of the then suspended MEP-scheme for renewable energy and for CHP. With a budget of € 8.3 billion, the redesigned support scheme SDE is referred to as the ‘work horse’ of the Clean and Efficient working programme.

Will attend: Ron van Erck and Xander van Tilburg, who in their position at respectively the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands, at that time have been closely involved in designing the scheme in its current form. Both will give some background information on the support scheme and will participate in the debate.

The emphasis this evening will be on the pro’s and cons of different support schemes. Furthermore, the considerations that formed the basis of the scheme in its current form are illustrated. There will be ample room for discussion.

The activity is held on Friday 20 March at the ‘academiegebouw’ of Utrecht University (Belle van Zuylenzaal) starting at eight o’clock (directions see below).

Looking forward to meeting you there