Apr 23 2020


19:00 - 20:30



Paying the energy bill

At every birthday party, there is an uncle that “believes” in heat pumps, electrification, hydrogen or district heating. Only if that particular technology would be improved, all of us would use it. Frans Rooijens argues that it isn’t the performance of technologies that determines the rate of implementation, but the high price these technologies have compared to fossil fuels. Principles like “niet-meer-dan-anders” (not more than usual) regarding the VanGasLos campaign, which are put in place to prevent the increase of energy costs of residents, will slow down the energy transition.

Frans Rooijens (CEO of sustainability consultancy CE Delft) is a long-time sustainability leader in the Netherlands and an expert in the energy transition. He will share his thoughts on the rate of energy transition and how it is disadvantaged by the current narrative. What triggers decision-making, and should we take the consumers costs less into account when considering sustainable energy solutions?