Oct 27 2022


16:30 - 21:00

Sustainable energy transition: the rhetorics and realities

On 27 October, the International Institute of Social Studies will host a conference on sustainable energy transition.

Are we doing enough to reduce our carbon footprint?

Organized by the Young Energy Specialists and Development CooperationOpens external (YES-DC), the conference aims to filter out the noise in energy transition discourse and present energy enthusiasts with the hard reality of the current situation.

Questions the conference will consider include:

  • Are we are doing enough to reduce our carbon footprints?
  • Is the current happening in the real world far away from fanciful energy transition graphs and analyses?
  • How much of the news, goals and promises are feasible?
  • Is solar energy carbon-neutral?
  • How ‘green’ is green hydrogen?
  • Can climate goals and plants of coals go hand-in-hand?