Oct 15 2020


19:30 - 21:30

System thinking in the Energy Transition

In our next event, we invite you to think along with us about how to look at the energy transition from a system perspective. What does a climate climate neutral energy system entail? With Jan Warnaars from Berenschot, we will explore what the options for a climate neutral system are, and what will be the impact of the decisions made. With Berenschot and Kalavasta, Jan Warnaars developed several climate neutral energy scenarios for 2050 in collaboration with the network/distribution operators.

The next step is how we can solve these issues… it’s unlikely that there is one holy grail (although some people would say it is hydrogen). We probably need other ways of looking at the energy system, and we invited Maarten van Blijderveen from Qirion to challenge us to do just that. Should we still place economics at the heart of our analysis, or should we make other factors just as important? Do we need to integrate existing systems or make new designs? And what about the Maslow pyramid for energy?

Our first speaker on the 15th is Jan Warnaars, Energy Transition Consultant at Berenschot, who will guide us through the four climate neutral scenarios that Berenschot and Kalavasta have developed for the dutch energy system in 2050 at the request of Gasunie, TenneT and the regional grid operators.

Our second speaker is Maarten van Blijderveen. Maarten works at Qirion, and energy architecture and urban energy planning are his expertise. His goal is to develop truly sustainable energy systems for districts, cities and regions. He couples long term visions on sustainability and short term actions for development.

Join us in an exploration of system thinking in the energy transition, both live & online, on the 15th of October in Utrecht. See you there!