Energy from Thorium Reactors | Wednesday 6 March 2013 19:00

On January 8, the front page of the Volkskrant covered an article on ‘the Energy wonder of Thorium’. Thorium (Th, element 90) is an element that can be used as a fuel in new types of Nuclear Fission reactors. The article states that Thorium is more abundant than Uranium and leaves less harmless waste materials than current nuclear power plants. Furthermore the article shows that China and other Asian countries are investing large amounts into Thorium reactor research, which according to the article is not the case in Europe.

To find out whether Thorium fueled reactors are indeed ‘energy wonders’ YES-DC has invited one of the people interviewed for the article for the event: Dr. Ir. Jan Leen Kloosterman of the Reactor Institute Delft. During the event, Kloosterman will take us through the future possibilities and challenges of Thorium fueled reactors and the difference between Thorium and other nuclear reactors to see how much of a wonder Thorium actually is. There will be plenty of room for questions and of course a drink afterwards. Sounds interesting? Then please sign up for the event here!

We hope to see many of you at this interesting event!

If you would like to participate don’t forget to sign up by using the form below.

Energy from Thorium Reactors | Wednesday 6 March 2013 19:00
Location: Academiegebouw, Utrecht University, Zaal 1636, Domplein 29, 3512JE Utrecht

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