Great Nuclear Energy Debate

The debate on nuclear energy as an option for our future energy mix is back! Global warming and increased oil scarcity have once again opened peoples’ eyes towards this option, but the discussion is far from over. YES-DC is organizing a debate on nuclear energy to help you shape your opinion, and it promises to be a real ‘clash of titans’. Andre Wakker from the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG), with more than twenty years of experience in the development of nuclear energy, will discuss and debate the different elements crucial for deciding on new nuclear power plants with Peer de Rijk, president of WISE, the worldwide network of anti nuclear energy campaigners, who has more than twenty years of experience in the lobby against nuclear energy. An experienced discussion leader will make sure that the discussion will bring out the best in both speakers.

Based on input from you all we have decided on three main topics, which will be thoroughly discussed this evening:

1.    Costs and cost development (subsidized or not, cost competitive, who pays for storage, etc)
2.    Nuclear waste (solutions, dangers, can we store it, can we recycle it, etc)
3.    Nuclear energy as a solution to climate change and the coming fossil fuel scarcity

During the debate there will be plenty of opportunity for interaction, to make sure all that all your questions concerning these topics are clarified. Afterwards there will be time for a drink to get to know each other better, and as always the first round will be on us!

The location of the evening will be the Academiegebouw of the Universiteit of Utrecht, Belle van Zuylenzaal, where you are welcome from 19.30 onwards. The drinks will take place in a bar nearby (probably “Bar Walden"), to which you are of course also welcome when you can’t make it to the main debate.

Summary of the event
A great summery of the event was published in the YES-DC newsletter of May 2010 and pictures can be found here. Furthermore the basis for the discussions and debate is also available.