On 15th October 1994, over twenty-five enthusiastic young professionals came together to discuss the future of energy. In the 1990’s, before the internet and social media, the need arose for a discussion platform to share knowledge and ideas. On 28th January 28 1995, a second meeting was organised, and Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation (YES-DC) was officially founded.

Since the beginning, the focus has been on both the Dutch energy system, and energy systems in developing countries. In the mid 2000’s, as the general thought was that the Dutch energy system was ‘finished’, the focus was increasingly laid on how we could help developing countries in their future energy needs.

However, as the impact of climate change was becoming more visible, the focus shifted back towards the Dutch energy system. How can we work towards a sustainable energy system, running on renewable energy sources? Many, many aspects of this complex issue have been discussed over the last years.

Throughout its history, YES-DC has been organising sessions to deepen our understanding of the challenges we face, and the solutions that are out there. The focus has mostly been a technical one, although also more ‘soft aspects’ around implementation have been discussed over the last years. YES-DC still organises several sessions every year.