Innovative Biomass: Torrefaction vs Pyrolisis

As biomass is becoming an ever more important alternative to the fuels traditionally used for conventional thermal electricity generation, the developments in this field can be summarized to be spectacular to say the least. One of the areas where various developments are taking place is in the pretreatment of biomass. These pretreatments makes it suitable for various kinds of applications; many more than without the pretreatment, and often more effectively. YES-DC is inviting you to take a peak into the magic of the two main developments on pretreatment: Torrefaction and Pyrolysis, and is inviting you all to share your thoughts on these developments in a discussion in the first event after the summer. The speakers will briefly introduce the technologies – which we can imagine are not very well known yet – and continue with a discussion on which technology is the most advantageous, and what these technologies can mean for our future energy supply.

Speakers are:

  • Robin Post van der Burg – Topell BV
    Cofounder and director business development of Topell. Topell is currently developing a torrefaction unit in Duiven the Netherlands which will produce 60.000 tons of terrified material per year.
  • Gerhard MuggenBTG Bioliquids
    Managing director of BTG Bioliquids. BTG-BTL is currently constructing the Empyro factory where wood will be converted into pyrolysis oil. This factory will be the first commercial pyrolysis unit in Europe.

Summary of the event
A summery of the event was published in the YES-DC newsletter of November 2010.