Network Activity



This is where networking in the energy sector happens!

Join us for the last YES-DC drinks of 2011 and develop your energy network!

During this event there will be plenty of room for interaction with fellow YES-DC members, alumni and recruiters.

19.00 – 19.30 Registration 

19.30 – 19.45 Opening session 

19.45 – 20.15 Plenary discussion with kWh People 

20.15 – 20.15 Breakout sessions

Session A – Speeddating with kWh People
Session B – Speeddating with fellow members
Session C – Round table discussions with fellow members

20.45 – 21.00 Closing session 

21.00 – 23.00 Last YES-DC drink of 2011!

Please send us an e-mail in order to register.

Looking forward to seeing you there!