YES-DC’s focus and interests are shared among multiple other student and professional organisations, with whom it will be worth exchanging members and activities. Members and partner organisations’ gather to meet and socialise at a planned network event which gives YES-DC members the opportunity to expand their network, get to know new people and be informed about new job opportunities.


  • YES-DC is a member of the Nederlandse Jeugd Raad (NJR)  (in English: Dutch National Youth Council). NJR aims to represent all youth of the Netherlands in politics and public decision-making. Also, the NJR engages and trains young people in youth projects and (media) campaigns.
  • YES-DC is a member of YES Europe, the European network of Young Professionals that are interested in the energy sector. YES-DC members have the possibility to participate in YES Europe events and working groups.
  • YES-DC works closely together with the Klimaat- en Energiekoepel (KEK) (in English: Youth Climate and Energy Coalition. KEK is a network of young professionals in the energy sector with the aim to include youth perspectives in national climate and energy policies. KEK has participated in the design of the Dutch Climate Agreement.