YES-DC’s focus and interests are shared among multiple other student and professional organisations, with whom it will be worth exchanging members and activities. Members and partner organisations’ gather to meet and socialise at a planned network event which gives YES-DC members the opportunity to expand their network, get to know new people and be informed about new job opportunities.

Partner organisations

  • Nederlandse Jeugd Raad (NJR) -NJR (Nationaal Jeugd Raad) employs about 30 young people and hundreds of volunteers that are engaged with (media) campaigns and projects for young people.

Student organisations

  • Independent Student Energy Platform (ISEP) – The Independent Student Enery Platform is a think tank for and by students with an interest in energy. Developments in the energy sector at national, European and global level are given attention and are discussed. The energy transition, the change in scale of our energy system, is a recurrent theme. ISEP offers a platform for students with all imaginable backgrounds. All interested students can participate in discussion meetings held every two weeks in the city Utrecht. Besides debates, ISEP also organizes visits to leading organizations in the energy sector such as EBN and the Clingendael Institute.
  • Morgen – A national student network stimulating a more sustainabe future

YES-DC Annual Report 2012

Social Energy Party

Members and partner organisations’ delegates gathered this evening to meet and socialise at Mick O’Connells Irish Pub in Utrecht. It was a perfect opportunity for YES-DC members to expand their network, get to know new people and be informed about new job opportunities. Drinks were offered by YES-DC. Several partner organisations were invited, including a few new ones that were identified by the YES-DC board. Besides our own member we were happy to meet delegates from Morgen (a sustainability platform), NJR, Storm, ISEP, NRG and CYPE. YES-DC and their members believe to have a large common focus and interests. It will be worth exchanging members and activities in the future. The board intends to continue and strengthen co-operation with these partners.


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