SMART GRIDS | Tuesday 9 July 2013, 19:00, Academy building Utrecht (sign-up!)


Date: 9th of July
Door open: 19:00h
Start of program: 19:30h
Location: Academiegebouw, Domplein 29 Utrecht

YES-DC’s activity on Smart Grids will be held at Tuesday the 9th of July. It is about to be an exciting evening with interesting speakers from different fields. Speakers from research and grid operators will be represented. They will present us their view on the future of Smart Grids, the current status, its potential, the problems, and the possibilities. This way an in depth evening covering different perspectives on this interesting topic is ensured.


YES-DC organises this event together with Delft Energy Club. Three speakers have been confirmed. Below we give an introduction of each of the speakers.

19:00 – Welcome with coffee and tea

19:30 – Introduction Berthe van Haaster (YES-DC) and Hester Engelsman (Energy Club)

1935 – Martijntje Smits – Utrecht University

19:55 – Martijn van Huijkelom – Enexis

20:15 – Break

20:30 – Peter van der Sluijs: Alliander

20:50 – Discussion

21:30 – Closure

22:00 – Network drinks at Bar Walden

About the speakers

[message_box title=”Martijntje Smits: Utrecht University” color=”white”]Martijntje Smits is a senior researcher at Utrecht University on the social impacts of Smart Grids. Within her current research she investigates how affected groups interact and how decision-making processes can be improved. This encompasses a network-approach that reflects different perspectives on the issue. Project website:”  [/message_box]

[message_box title=”Martijn van Huijkelom: Enexis” color=”white”] Martijn van Huijkelom is manager of Smart Grids pilots run by Enexis in Breda and Zwolle. During the evening he will share with us the experiences that Enexis have with regard to the pilots or “proeftuinen”. He will share experiences and examples, varying from those more depending on consumer input and those more emphasized on technical measures for e.g. storage. [/message_box]

[message_box title=”Peter van der Sluijs: Alliander” color=”white”] Peter van der Sluijs is a strategy consultant at the grid operator Alliander. During the evening he will share with us the technical state of the art of current Smart Grids, the prospects for the next 5-10 years. He will focus on what it means to his company and what the strategy of Alliander is. [/message_box]


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