(Sustainable) Energy Entrepreneurship

We are developing an activity where we would like to give (sustainable) energy entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their own business and or projects to YES-DC members and Alumni.

It will be a win-win setting, for our younger members to learn from experienced people, for the entrepreneurs a chance to discuss (new) ideas with a large group of critical young professionals.

Expected speakers:

Bas Lansdorp – Ampyx Power
Ampyx Power analysis shows that Airborne Wind Energy systems have the potential to generate electricity at a quarter of the cost of conventional wind turbines and comparable to fossil fuel based technologies. The challenges to overcome in order to realize commercial systems are achievable since these have previously been solved in other areas of technology. The drivers for these lower costs are the simplicity of the system which leads to lower capital costs and the higher capacity factor due to the more consistent an higher velocity winds at greater altitudes. Apart from the economic returns, the realization of the PowerPlane system on a commercial scale will contribute to achieving renewable energy and CO2 emission targets.

Wouter Kersten – ENVIU
Enviu – innovators in sustainability – is an international network organisation for and by young entrepreneurial people. Enviu scouts and generates ideas regarding innovative sustainable entrepreneurship. These ideas are developed as profitable and sustainable solutions for environmental and social issues.

Sanne Castro – SimGas
We create affordable biogas systems for rural households.
SimGas provides affordable biogas systems for rural households in (sub)tropical regions. We offer people the tools to take their future into their own hands and improve their lives and income position.