‘The role of materials in the energy transition’, Tues. 19 November 2013 19:00-22:00h

The role of materials in the energy transition

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that, in order to limit the effects of climate change, a reduction of 50–85 per cent in global greenhouse gas will be needed by 2050, advocating a radical shift away from today’s fossil-fuel-derived economy. Moreover, modern society is continuously more dependent on the (affordable) access to raw materials from which high-tech materials are produced for the automotive, aviation, electronics, medical, power generation, construction and other industries. For most materials, used for example in buildings, infrastructure, equipment and products, global stocks are still sufficient to meet the increasing future demand; but the environmental impacts of material production and processing, particularly those related to energy, are rapidly becoming critical. In this respect, it is not energy efficiency, but rather material efficiency that presents itself to be the bigger challenge in a resource-constrained world.

During this discussion event, we will discuss the relation of materials in the energy transition and the current trends and challenges of society. Is the current focus of changing towards a more carbon neutral energy system too limited? How urgent is this matter and how will society adapt? – Join us this evening to find out.

[message_box title=”Evening details” color=”white”] Date: Tuesday 19 November 2013
Time: 19:00h
Location: Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, 3512 JE Utrecht[/message_box]

Program details

– 19:00: Welcome with coffee and tea

– 19:30: Opening: Introduction YES-DC/topic by Mariësse van Sluisveld

– 19:45: Dr. Ton Veltkamp (Senior Manager Photovoltaics, ECN Solar Energy): ‘Materials Depletion – Another inconvenient truth’

– 20:15: Ronald de Vries (Senior Industry Analyst, Rabobank International): ‘The circular economy: an inevitable transformation’

– 20:45: Break

– 21:00: Prof. dr. Ernst Worrell (Professor “Energy, Resources & Technological Change” , Utrecht University): ‘Current policy and future outlook’

– 21:30: Discussion

– 22:00: Network drinks at Bar Walden

About the speakers

[message_box title=”Dr. Ton Veltkamp (Senior Manager Photovoltaics, ECN Solar Energy).” color=”white”]
Dr. Ton Veltkamp (1960) took his PhD at the Free University of Amsterdam in chemistry (1989). He worked on environmental chemistry at the Energy Research Centre of The Netherlands (ECN) from 1989-1990. Since 1990, he was manager of various research laboratories at NRG and ECN. Since 2000, he joined ECN Solar Energy as manager of Thin-film Photovoltaics and Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics-Manufacturing Technology, with a special interest in sustainability of solar energy. Since 2013 year, his main task is program development of sustainable energy technologies. [/message_box]

[message_box title=”Ronald de Vries (Senior Industry Analyst, Rabobank International).” color=”white”]
Ronald de Vries is Senior Industry Analyst at Rabobank International for (risk) assessment of Energy, Natural Gas and Resource/Waste markets. Previously he worked at RoyalHaskoning DHV as the Director of the Advisory Group Waste & Energy in the energy and resource recovery sector. [/message_box]

[message_box title=”Prof. dr. Ernst Worrell (Professor Energy, Resources & Technological Change, Utrecht University)” color=”white”]
Ernst Worrell (Ph.D.) is professor ‘Energy, Resources & Technological Change’ at Utrecht University in the Copernicus Institute. He has led the industrial energy assessment work at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory until 2008 and was Director Energy Use & Efficiency at the sustainable energy consulting company Ecofys between 2004 and 2010. He was a visiting scientist at the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies at Princeton University, and visiting professor at the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil. His research includes research and evaluation projects in industrial energy and material efficiency improvement, as well as waste management and processing. He is author of four IPCC reports. He is (co-) author of over 250 publications. He has been Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling, one of the leading journals in the field of resources efficiency, associate editor of Energy, the International Journal and of Energy Efficiency, and editorial board member of Waste Management. [/message_box]


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