Last December, the COP25 Climate Conference was held in Madrid. YES-DC participated with a strong delegation, focused on both Article 6 negotiations and youth participation. The first week delegation consisted of members Esha Roy, Duco Coops, Carlotta Ferri and Ligin George. Carlotta wrote some interesting columns on her time at COP, on topics including carbon pricing, the SBSTA negotiations and her strong take-home message: “COP alone will not solve the climate problem.” Esha also wrote about the carbon markets, and the loopholes that are still there. Duco wrote a column in which he shares interesting initiatives he came across at COP.

During the second week, YES-DC kicked off with a workshop on youth participation in climate policy making, showcasing some cases from the Netherlands. The stories of five organisations are also shown in this video. Also this delegation, consisting of board members Irma Stegmann, Gabriëlle Smith, Natalia Aleksandrova and Sybren Bosch, has been busy. Sybren wrote a daily update, including stories on inequality and rising tensions within the negotiations. His take-home message: “Hope is a choice.” Natalia wrote on the frustrating little progress and the work that still needs to be done. Closing, Gabriëlle shared her experience on why COP25 still was a valuable experience, despite all the negotiations taking place behind closed doors.


Carlotta (week 1)

Duco (week 1)

Esha (week 1)

Gabrielle (week 2)

Nathalia (week 2)

Sybren (week 2)

Up next: the intersessional negotiations in Bonn (June), and COP26 in Glasgow from 9 – 19 November 2020. And we will be there to keep the pressure on.