YES-DC Vision 2010

Further growth of YES-DC
Now we are more professional, good on track, and more embedded into existing energy networks, further growth of YES-DC should be within easy reach. Though a ‘cleanup’ of the member database will reduce our member count initially, we strive towards further growth on all levels; among students, among non-Utrecht professionals, and among alumni. Goal: 300+ member by the end of the year!

Further professionalization of YES-DC
After a new layout for the website and a well oiled Linked-In group, it’s time for further professionalization. This is in line with the goal to attract more new members. We will work on a secured online members database (only accessible through personal login codes), a more professional layout for the YFFN and the newsletter, and perhaps also some promotional material to give the meetings a nicer feel. All this will result in reduced costs (no more printed booklet), increased ease for our members, and increased enjoyment of YES-DC.
Connect YES-DC to the world
Now we have become more professional and more active once more, it’s time to show the world once more who we are. Through cooperations with other organizations, such as the Dutch Energy Club, Clean Drinks, and the SIB Utrecht, we will embed ourselves permanently in the energy network of the Netherlands. Through cooperation with YPE (Young Professionals in Energy), we will become the North-West European chapter of a worldwide network of young professionals in energy.
YES-DC as a knowledge platform
Because of YES-DCs goal to bring young professionals in energy and development together, YES-DC represents a unique group of people in the entire energy development debate. In 2010 we will experiment with also using all the knowledge of YES-DC to also give our view on certain important topics, such as the developments around the UNFCCC, rather than only discuss them among ourselves. This way our members receive a platform to have their ideas heard, and it will increase the visibility of YES-DC. By establishing us as such an organization, it will also be easier to convince guests such as minister Cramer to join our activities.
Continue the good work!
Obviously the line set out in 2009 will be continued, with the DEO day coming up and at least 8 events and/or excursions organized throughout the year for our members.