COP in Paris

As an association affliated with the UNFCC, YES-DC has had the privilege to send a delegation of its members to Paris. On this page, an impression of their experience will be shared, as well as interesting articles relating to the COP.

Read more about their experiences in their own reports, which are available for download below:

Report by Lynn

Report by Klara

Report by Emmet

Meet the delegation

[message_box title=” Klara ” color=”white”]

I’m excited to be able to join the YES-DC delegation to Paris! I’m a colleague from Mariesse at PBL, and work mostly on energy and climate research on a national level, where we do modelling and qualitative research on the energy transition up to 2050. I started this job fairly recently, in March this year, after having worked for a strategy consultant, and in astrophysics research before that.

[message_box title=” Edwin Dalenoord ” color=”white”]

I am an energy and climate change consultant. Part of my work is focused on the development and implementation of new business models for renewable energy, or energy savings. This classifies as ‘hands on project development stuff’. The other part of my work involves (policy) advisory on climate change policies or mechanism. Current assignments include support to the Worldbanks ‘Pilot Auction Facility’ and an evaluation of a low carbon investment programme by the UK Dept. of Climate Change.

e.dalenoord(at) LinkedIn

[message_box title=” Mariësse van Sluisveld ” color=”white”]

My name is Mariësse van Sluisveld and I have a background in Environmental Science/Sustainable Development (Utrecht University, UU). Since early 2012 I continued my surge for knowledge by becoming a researcher in the Integrated Assessment of Global Environmental Change group at the UU.  Nowadays I work on a EU research projects at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, where my daily job consists out of exploring long-term dynamics and impacts of various policy measures on the 2 degree target. As this is mostly a virtual exploration I thought it would be a good idea to get some real-world experience as well, which is the reason why I want to go to COP21.

For now my plan is to tag along with my colleagues who will host a side-event in Paris and this is most likely going to take place in the 1st week of the COP.  However, as I am there on my own account I would also like to see and  meet other people there as well – so I am up for anything that we can think of.

Mariesse.vanSluisveld (at) / LinkedIn
Check her reports on COP21 here

[message_box title=”Emmet Sharkey ” color=”white”]
I am also very excited to have been selected to attend COP 21 in Paris on behalf of YES-DC.
I have recently graduated from the Master in Environment and Resource Management at the Vrije University, Amsterdam. I chose to specialize in energy and climate studies and have been following the UNFCCC climate negotiations for the last few years. I am very much looking forward to getting to experience first hand how they take place, particularly at a COP as important as this one.

Emmetsharkey (at) / LinkedIn

[message_box title=”Martin de Boer ” color=”white”]

I am very happy to have been selected for the COP21. I am a Dutch student doing a master program in Energy Science at Utrecht University. In September I will move back to Germany to write my master thesis at Fraunhofer ISE about optical power transmission. At COP21 I am planning to analyse the European developments on Energy Politics. Aside from this I am trying to group up with other youth organisations to see if there is something else that I could do during my time in Paris.

martin.j.p.deboer (at) / LinkedIn

[message_box title=”Lynn Lai ” color=”white”]

I am currently a PhD student at International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam. I have been acquainted with climate change during my study at MSc in Environment, Science and Society at UCL. After graduation, I have been translating and contributing articles about climate change for two online information platforms in Taiwan with topics such as IPCC AR5 and the Dutch climate case. I am planning to report the event for a Taiwanese environmental NGO with a friend, for which we’ve been collecting data, asking advice and searching for resources. As a member of YES-DC delegation and the correspondent for Taiwan Environmental Information Association, I will attend and report COP21 in Paris with a special interest in civil society organizations/initiatives and Asia (including China).

lai(at) / LinkedIn / @hueilinglai


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