Event report: YES-DC CSP Event – 24 October 2013

YES-DC CSP Event – 24 October 2013.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is often mentioned as a promising technique to harvest solar energy. Especially for countries where solar energy is abundant, CSP could provide a cheap and reliable solution. To evaluate the different techniques and their opportunities within upcoming economies, YES-DC invited two speakers: Ed Roovers, Lead Engineer Solar Team at NEM Energy and Gijs Stevers, a Globe Trotter who cycled from the North Cape all the way done to the South Cape on his electric bicycle. Unfortunately, Ed Roovers could not make it to the event due to a very severe cold. Luckily, Pepijn van Kesteren of CYPE (CSP Young Professionals Network) was able to replace Ed. Just returned from the 2013 SolarPACES conference in California, Pepijn spoke about the different techniques, novelties and the current stand of CSP. More information on CYPE and CSP is available on their website. After Pepijn’s introduction into the current state of CSP, it was time for Gijs Stevers to take us through the highlights of is journey and the many options for CSP within developing countries. During his journey, Gijs encountered multiple examples of how CSP can be used in developing countries on both small and large scale. After two inspiring speakers we headed to Bar Walden for a refreshing drink and further discussion. We would like to thank both the speakers as the audience for a great event!