Local Initiatives in Renewable Energy

This event will be about the very exciting and rapidly developing field of local renewable energy initiatives. It will offer a ‘view in the kitchen’ of different local renewable energy initiatives and organisations that support them.



 Saskia Kluit

 Chairman of Energie U, the local renewable energy initiative from Utrecht, and board member of Organisatie voor Duurzame Energie, ODE (organisation for sustainable energy). ODE is an association of producers and consumers of energy in support of renewable energy. ODE helps local renewable energy initiatives in the Netherlands start up.

 Pauline Westendorp

 New NRG: Wij krijgen kippen (we’re getting chickens)

Pauline has worked on many different renewable energy projects. Her latest project is called Wij krijgen kippen. Wij krijgen kippen is a project to stimulate and support the development of many initiatives in the Amsterdam area. Currently there are at least 15 initiatives involved. 

Siward Zomer

 Siward is self-employed through Projectbureau Sizo. Sizo works on projects for municipalities, wij krijgen kippen and de Windvogel. De Windvogel is one of the oldest and biggest renewable energy initiatives of the Netherlands.

 Please send us an email if you want to join for dinner at 18.00hr @ Bar Walden. The speakers will join for dinner too!


Afterwards drinks @ Bar Walden!