Local Initiatives in Renewable Energy – The story

On the the 27th of june our YES-DC activity was on local renewable energy initiatives.

Pauline Westendorp was truly a very interesting speaker. She told us about her work with NewNRG and the initiatives she is involved with like “Wij Krijgen Kippen”. Its aim is to unite all initiatives in Amsterdam-Zuid to work together in an open collaborative environment and learn from each other. She also told  us about the P-Nuts awards book she wrote (down-loadable here).Time was really flying when Pauline was talking, and I really had the idea all of us could have listened on for hours more.

Then it was time for the second part of the event which came in the form of a brainstorm. The goal was to come up with ideas on how YES-DC could contribute to local renewable energy. The board and the members, together with Pauline, had a very interesting brainstorm outside in the nice weather in the beautiful courtyard of the Akademiegebouw. We first flexed our brainstorm muscles by identifying our strengths and the YES-DC identity with mini-storms. After that we got started on the main brainstorm: How can we contribute. Soon we concluded that we could best dedicate our congress (DEO-day) to sustainable mobility.
Ultimately we got a nice idea for a topic: Lessons the West can learn from sustainable mobility in developing countries. We also came up with a nice subtitle for this event: “Sustainable mobility; from Mumbai to Mokum”.

After this we closed the event and went with the group to the Domplein to have drinks outside on the terrace and enjoy the nice pre-summer evening.

All in all it turned out to be a very interesting and inspiring event.

I hope to see you all next time!
Thomas Toussaint