Next event: The future of the Dutch energy system

The next YES-DC event will expand upon the future trends of the Dutch energy sector. The event will focus on the future energy scene from different perspectives. The influence of local energy initiatives and cooperatives on the energy future will be explained, as well as the influence of energy scenarios. Furthermore, the role of governments and major energy multinationals will be discussed.

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Date: march 14th, 2016
Time: 19:00 (walk-in) 19:30(start)
Location: Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, 3512 JE Utrecht

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19:30-19:45 Introduction by YES-DC
19:45-20:30 Siward Zomer on local initiatives and cooperations
20:30-20:45 Break
20:45-21:30: Gert Jan Kramer on the importance of energy scenarios for governments and multinationals
21:30-22:00: Interactive discussion


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Siward Zomer is an expert on local sustainable energy. He is president of both ODE decentraal and De Windvogel. The first is an organisation with the aim to stimulate local sustainable energy and the latter is a cooperative association of producers of sustainable (wind)energy. He is also involved in REScoop, the European federation of groups and cooperatives of citizens for renewable energy in Europe. From a more local point of view Siward will give an update about the social and democratic changes the energy transition encompasses. Furthermore, he will also explain about the cooperatives and share his vision about their current and future status in The Netherlands and in Europe and the policy concerned.


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Gert Jan

Gert Jan Kramer obtained a PhD in experimental physics from Leiden University in 1988, after which he joined Shell’s Amsterdam research centre. At Shell, he has worked on a variety of topics, ranging from catalysis and reactor engineering to (more recently) hydrogen, alternative fuels and renewables. From 2010-2015 he was manager Energy Futures, leading a small think tank that assessed opportunities for Shell in alternative energies. From 1st of January 2016 he is manager New Energy Carriers, overseeing Shell’s long-range research in that area. Since 2010 he is part-time professor of Sustainable Energy at Leiden University. Gert Jan will discuss the energy transition from a global point of view


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