The Clean Development Mechanism – Zwaar Weer of Goed Opstapje?

Speakers: Lucy Naydenova (VROM), Marc Koene (Stichting Natuur en Milieu)

Dear members of YES-DC,

On coming Thursday 15 February at the Florin (, Utrecht, we organize an activity for which you are invited:

The Clean Development Mechanism – a (good) first step to what?

The Clean Development Mechanism is one of the so-called Flexible Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol, initiated for countries with commitments to achieve emission reductions in countries without commitments. Concerns about the marginal effect on ‘de-carbonisation’ of key sectors in developing countries and the effects of some projects on local sustainability, make the instrument a subject for debate.

How does the Dutch government make her choices concerning type of projects? And how does she mean to use the CDM for reaching ambitious targets of the second commitment period (post-2012), without ‘damaging’ the instrument? What roles will Carbon Capture & Storage, nuclear power and sectoral CDM play? And of course, how do Dutch NGOs such as Hivos and the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment percieve current and future developments?

The speakers are

  • Lucy Naydenova BEc, MSc (CDM Policy Officer at Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM)
  • Drs. Marc Koene (Climate and energy expert, Natuur en Milieu (Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment)

The room will open at 19:00, and the activity will begin at 19:30. After this activity, everybody is warmly invited for drinks at Florin!

We hope to see you at this interesting evening.

Best regards,

Haike van de Vegte M.Sc. (Chairman YES-DC)