The Dutch Energy Supply – New and Innovative Plans for the Future!

Speakers: Frits Verheij (KEMA) and Benno Wiersma (Sunergy)

Dear YES-DC members,

In the coming decades, the Dutch Energy Supply will change significantly. More renewable energy sources will be introduced, existing sources of energy will change and new solutions will be implemented to increase the efficiency and security of our energy supply. In the upcoming discussion meeting on Wednesday, 28 November (details: see below), two new and innovative plans are presented:

Frits Verheij (KEMA) will discuss the benefits of building a so-called Energy Island for the Dutch coast for the storage of energy. This artificial island consists of a circular dike in which a lake is dredged. Sea water is allowed to flow in to store energy and is allowed to flow out to consume it. The storage facility offers excellent opportunities to store wind energy and to deal efficiently with peaks in the energy demand.

Benno Wiersma (Sunergy) will discuss why photo voltaic solar cells are of utmost importance for a more sustainable future, and how Sunergy’s innovative production methods are going to play a role in this.

Questions that can be raised during the discussion meeting: What are the technical and economical feasibility of constructing an Energy Island? What aspects need further investigation? Can the Energy Island also be used to store solar energy? Will solar energy become really competitive in the near future? And if so, also in countries with a low amount of sun hours, like the Netherlands?

Afterwards there is the opportunity to have a drink with fellow YES-DC members to discuss energy and development issues further.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Hans van Kuijk

Joost van Stralen