The story of Gasterra Energy Lab!

On June the 21st, YES-DC organized together with NJR and the student organization STORM the Gasterra Energy Lab. The goal of this interactive evening was to come up with sustainable ideas that will be handed in the briefcase of “Duurzame Dinsdag“.

The program started with a presentation by Quintel on the Gasterra Transition Model. This model makes it possible for students, researchers, policymakers, politicians and other interested parties to create their own energy scenarios. Quintel showed with some interesting examples how complex and intertwined our current energy system is.

Next, Eric van Doorn was up, the winner of last Gasterra Energy Lab. Eric presented his idea on Sustainable Playgrounds and the progress he and his business partner made so far. It gave the audience an idea about the support and possibilities you can expect from winning the Gasterra Energy Lab.

After these presentations it was time to generate ideas ourselves. In groups of 5 to 6 people the attendees brainstormed about their ideas, that were in the back of their heads for years and about new ideas that came up during the talks with the group members.

After having a nice meal, 15 innovative ideas were pitched by their owners. Then though a voting round the 5 most appealing ideas were selected. The contesters then joined forces and worked on these 5 ideas by making them more practical and feasible.

The Green Lightning District, a traffic solution that aims to stimulate energy efficient mobility, the Energy Snitch Line, a platform for people who want to report the wasting of energy and the Virtual Power Station that makes it possible for citizens to buy in energy at a large scale are just some examples of the diversity and originality of ideas.

By filling in a form at the end of the evening all attendees contributed to the sustainable message that will be presented to the Cabinet on ‘Duurzame Dinsdag’ on September 4th.

Do you have an innovative idea yourself that contributes to a more sustainable society? Then you can also fill in the form (in Dutch) and send it to before June 29th