YES-DC is looking for a new board for 2017, expand your energy network! Apply before 09/01/2017

Dear Yes-DC member,

YES-DC is looking for a fresh board, and you could be in it!

As you know YES-DC is a 300 member association run by a dozen volunteers, we organize 10 events per year and have a budget ~10K/yr. Getting involved in YES-DC is not just great for you organizational skills, and network you also get to work with a great team. There’s plenty of room for your own creativity, to hone your skills and there is >20 years of history to build on.

In February 2017 the current board will be replaced with a fresh board, so the yearly cycle begins anew. We are looking for new board members for the dozen positions YES-DC offers. There are the traditional board positions e.g. President/Finance/Secretary/Internal/External and equally important, but less time consuming, the activity committees. There are 5 positions for each organ available. The commitment is only a meeting or two a month and an event every six weeks. The current YES-DC board will additionally train you for the position.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please drop an e-mail to inbox¬† The selection is based on previous motivation, network and energy experience, but anyone can apply! We also appreciate new and creative ideas. The general process will follow the following steps:

9 Jan, deadline for registration
19 Jan, Feedback on the selection and preliminary positions
– early Feb, Installation of new board by our “ALV”