YES-DC lustrum: CDM – perverse incentives or development

On 23 March we organize a lustrum activity especially on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) at the Florin, Utrecht (check De room will open at 19:00, and the activity will begin at 19:30. After this activity, everybody is warmly invited for lustrum drinks at Florin!

The Clean Development Mechanism is one of the so-called Flexible Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol, initiated for countries with commitments to achieve emission reductions in countries without commitments. This mechanism proves to be controversial.

Critics point to the perverse incentives of the instrument (incentives that are contrary to the goal of the mechanism) like the issue of F-gases and new plants and projects that would have been implemented much earlier without CDM benefits included.

Proponents point to the generally beneficial achievements, also with regard to the development aspect of the instrument. It mobilizes major investments, is concrete and pragmatic and the majority of the perverse incentives are already problems of the past, according to this group.

After two presentations, representing the pro’s and con’s, the attendees are invited to vote for or against certain positions… all this in order to initiate a profound discussion.

Harry Oppenoort (HIVOS) shall initiate the evening with a critical vision on CDM;
Jan Willen Martens (Ecosecurities) will react on this in a more positive presentation.