Excursion: The first Energy Producing Greenhouse in the world

Dear YES-DC members,

Your attention please for the excursion YES-DC is organizing on Friday 27 October:

The Dutch greenhouse agriculture is responsible for circa 10 % of the Dutch usage of natural gas. The Association Innovation Greenhouses (SIGN) set up the task to drastically decrease the trends in the energy demand of greenhouses. The suggestion of an energy producing greenhouse initially was met with scepticism and ridicule. Nevertheless since 2006 there is a pilot of an energy producing greenhouse near Arnhem.

The project is unique and innovative, use is being made of existing and new technology, which leads to a net independence on natural gas and a surplus energy for heating elsewhere. The core of the Energy Producing Greenhouse is a combination of closed and innovative greenhouse cover, a unique and energy efficient heat exchangers and a long term cold/heat storage in underground watery sandlayers.

The excursion will include the following parts:

  • Explanation on the state of affairs of the energy supply in the greenhouse agriculture sector and developments
  • An explanation on the technical principal behind and the genesis of the Energy Producing Greenhouse
  • Technical explanation on the system of energy production, heat exchange, heat recovery, etc.
  • Tour of the Energy Producing Greenhouse
  • Discussion and questions

Cost: Maximum 5 Euro (depending on number of participants, excluding transport)

Time: 14.00 at the greenhouse

Enroll: Answer this e-mail before 20 October. Please indicate if you’re coming by car and can take more people

Best regards,

Corry de Keizer (Treasurer YES-DC)

Haike van de Vegte (Coordinator Activities YES-DC)